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Core mechanics

Discover the fundamental techniques and tips for building applications on the MINTDATA™ platform. Learn how to create the UI of your application, define the behavior and logic, work with data, and more.

The Craft the user experience chapter describes how to draw the UI of your application by adding and manipulating components and by linking their properties to data in the spreadsheet. It also provides information on how to collect user input and work with pages and overlays in your app.

The Define behavior chapter introduces the term application behavior and provides various examples of behavior in short informative videos. It also describes how to define the behavior of your application by linking a specific end-user event like a mouse click to an action (a specific formula) written in a spreadsheet cell.

The Work with data chapter provides guidelines for working with data on MINTDATA™: Use an API, create and manipulate frames and bases, make up flows to connect to external data sources, and more.