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What is MINTDATA™?

MINTDATA™ is a modern way to create and deliver web applications.
A spreadsheet is used to define application logic instead of code.

The applications are elegant, full-featured and fast to create.

The applications run on these platforms:

  • Mobile phones — iOS and Android
  • Tablets — iPad & Android
  • The desktop web
👉 is not Excel or Google Sheets under the covers.
👉 is backward compatible with Excel and Google Sheets

Why a spreadsheet?

A new kind of spreadsheet

MINTDATA™ represents a new metaphor -- using a spreadsheet to define application logic. Unlike Excel and Google Sheets, MINTDATA™ is a new kind of spreadsheet -- one that is geared toward creating applications instead of crunching numbers.

✓ Backward compatible with today's spreadsheets

And while MINTDATA™ is backward compatible by using the spreadsheet functions you're used to, it also has a number of features that make it possible to author full-featured applications for the first time.

😱 Spreadsheets cause chaos. Why would I want more spreadsheets?

MINTDATA™ provides a spreadsheet interface to define web applications. The web applications are then shared with colleagues to improve business processes and how work gets done.

Compare this to traditional spreadsheets. They create chaos -- no single source of truth, sharing over email and cloud drives, no versioning, and no explicit security or access control.

On MINTDATA™, the opposite is true -- MintData applications use a single source of truth for data, are centrally managed, version controlled, and integrate with existing best practices for collaboration, development, and innovation.

How does MINTDATA™ work?

On MINTDATA™, a Design contains a spreadsheet to define application logic, a Surface to define the visual appearance, and behavioral links between the two.

Once a Design is published, the resulting Application is shared with your end-users -- colleagues, customers, partners, and friends.

They see only the resulting Application, which works with a single source of truth for data. That source can be your company database, a web API, or MINTDATA Bases, which is a built-in mechanism for storing data.

MINTDATA™ is agnostic to where your data lives:
👉 It can be your company's existing databases & enterprise systems
👉 It can optionally be MINTDATA™ Bases, which provide a simple & fast way to store and manage data

The three parts

MINTDATA™ consists of 3 parts:
  • MINTDATA™ Designer: to define the appearance and behavior of applications, called Designs
  • MINTDATA™ Published Applications: the act of taking a Design and publishing it for use by your end-users (colleagues, customers, partners & friends)
  • MINTDATA™ Workspace: a place to manage designs and collaboration

Get Started


To get started, check out Getting Started to learn your way around the MINTDATA™, Core Mechanics to see how things work, and Work with data for how to read/write data to/from various sources.

Getting Started
A quick tour for how to use the MINTDATA™

Core Mechanics
A walkthrough of how to create things on MINTDATA™

To see the full list of functions, components and blocks you can use.


What's next?