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Work with data

MINTDATA™ allows you to manipulate your data as follows:


Call a web API

The following shows an example of using an external web API service to fetch images and display them in the UI. The shown procedure includes these steps:

  1. Get data from a web API service in the form of a frame.
  2. Retrieve the image URL from the frame.
  3. Bind the Image component's URL and Opacity properties to data in the spreadsheet to display a user's avatar on the page.
  4. Bind the repeater of the Avatar Holder box to the cell under Response. Use the AUTO and down direction to use all the cells going downward until a blank cell is encountered.
  5. Fill the formulas down into the cells below.

As a result, five different avatars are displayed on the page.

Try it now

Get data from an external database

The following video shows an example of data manipulation that includes the following steps:

  1. Create a flow that sets up connection to an external SQL database.
  2. Get data from the database using the flow function.
  3. Display the data in the chart by binding the chart's properties to data in the nested spreadsheet.