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Work with frames

A frame is a two-dimensional data structure consisting of rows and columns that is nested within a spreadsheet cell. It is also referred to as a nested spreadsheet. Just like regular spreadsheet cells, frame cells can be linked with components' properties to drive the UI of your application. Numerous MINTDATA™ spreadsheet functions take frames as arguments and/or return frames. Hence, it is very important to understand how to work with frames while designing your application.

Create frames
Learn how to create frames and try doing it yourself in the provided playground.
Basic operations with frames
Learn basic operations with frames: show a frame formula, open and close a frame.
Mutable and immutable operations
This section explains which operations with frames are mutable and which are immutable.
Filter rows
Learn how to filter rows in a frame.
Group by columns
Learn how to group rows by one or more columns.
Retrieve rows
Learn how to retrieve specific rows and values from a frame.
Update frames dynamically
Learn how to add and delete rows in a frame.
Combine frames
Learn how to combine frames using the pipe symbol.
Use the pipe operator
Learn how to use the pipe operator to add computed columns to a frame.
Augment frames
Learn how to modify deeply nested frames.