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Create better digital experiences

From prototypes to full applications, use the app creator to express your ideas in high fidelity.

All with a breakthrough, no-code app builder approach – create your own apps with a unique spreadsheet that’s linked to a UI canvas.
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A focus on design

As a unique design tool, it’s your ultimate canvas for creative ideas. Leverage the prototyping tool features to create your own apps, wireframes, mockups, prototypes, and no-code web applications.

The no-code web app builder trusted by organizations worldwide

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From prototypes to responsive web applications

Create full-featured mobile and web applications with a unique no-code development platform.

Use the design tool and prototyping tool features to rapidly develop your ideas.

Leverage the spreadsheet to define application logic and interact directly with company & external data to create your own apps.

A new kind of spreadsheet

Move over Excel and Google sheets, the MintData spreadsheet lets you create advanced prototypes and full-featured web applications.

With a spreadsheet interface and design tool functionality you already know how to use.

UI + data
together at last
with a spreadsheet

Instead of crunching numbers, the built-in spreadsheet lets you define application logic – only on the MintData no code app builder.

Create two-way links between the spreadsheet and user-interface to create apps without coding.

Link mouse & keyboard events to the spreadsheet and have the spreadsheet run cells in response.

The full power to define any behavior is now at your fingertips with a unique prototyping tool and design tool experience.

The power of a database, the simplicity of a spreadsheet

Save and fetch data in the app maker to create apps without coding.

The no code web app builder gives you the full power of a database with the simplicity of a spreadsheet.

Use spreadsheet functions to list, add, remove, and search across single and multiple tables of data.

A workflow editor to connect with company data

Save and fetch data from company systems using the built-in workflow editor and the no-code enterprise application development platform features.

Use the app maker to craft your own flows on the no-code platform.

Access databases, queues, files, and existing company systems to create your own applications.
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Photo Finder
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This is a sample app built on the MintData no-code application development platform.
Photo Finder

Connect directly to your company systems

Google BigQuery
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Amazon Redshift
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