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Visual Components used on Surface

Components are MINTDATAβ„’ UI elements that enable you to create the look and feel of your application. You can use components on their own or link the components' properties and events to the spreadsheet to create apps in a more efficient way, apps that respond to user actions and display data from various external sources.

The Properties section provides an overview of properties and lists common properties you can find in any component, including properties for styling and interaction. You can find component-specific properties in the correspondent section below.

The Events section gives an overview of events and provides a list of all events. Events allow components to interact with the user by linking components' events to the spreadsheet, also known as event binding. Event binding is used to define the behavior of your application, so that the application performs a specific action in response to user clicks and keystrokes.

Each section on components below contains a summary about a component, describes the component's properties and events. You can also play with the component in the playground provided under Try it now.