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    A component that can contain other components and display a set of its own styles.


    The Box component is a basic building block of the MINTDATA™ application UI. For those who is familiar with HTML, the purpose of Box can remind the one of a container based on <div> tag.

    Figure 1. Box styling examples


    In most cases the Box is used for logical arrangement of its child items. Common usage patterns:

    • Use several boxes with enabled parent-layout, to make your app layout responsive.
    • Create a form for collecting user input (for example, 'login' or 'send message' form) - a box with children like Text, Text Input or Button;
    • Create a repeatable container for rendering a list of any multi-component items - product cards, chat messages, table records, etc.;
    • Use shadows, gradient background or rounded corners on a box to get nice-looking UI;
    • ...and more.


    • Box is repeatable;
    • Styling properties: Background, Border, Shadows, Padding, Rotation, Layout settings;
    • Interaction properties: Normal, Hover and Active behavior, Drag-n-Drop options;
    • Component-specific properties:
      • Scroll Position: To control scroll position with the Spreadsheet logic.



    • onClick
    • onDoubleClick
    • onMouseDown
    • onMouseUp
    • onMouseMove
    • onMouseOver
    • onMouseOut
    • onMouseEnter
    • onMouseLeave


    • onFocused
    • onLostFocus


    • onDragStarted
    • onDragInProgress
    • onDrop

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    Selecting multiple items on the page and using "Group" operation on them via context menu puts them into a new transparent Box.