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Design matters

A no-code platform
focused on design

Express your ideas in high fidelity - create adaptive layouts, micro interactions, connect to real-world data via APIs, tune advanced text metrics, and even connect directly to company systems like databases, file systems, and queues.


You and your colleagues see the same thing on the screen at all times.

Share the design link with a colleague and instantly collaborate together on creating the next digital experience.

Unlimited Design Versions

Your work is automatically saved at all times.

If you’d like to take a snapshot of your work and return to it later, use the Design Versions feature to easily restore any design snapshot you’ve created.

You can also use Design Versions to publish your work as an application at various stages of development, to different environments like staging and production.

Craft full-featured experiences

Create pages and overlays with advanced layouts and components.

Use dynamic content from APIs and company systems to craft polished and interactive designs.

Pages + Overlays

Craft your application as a set of pages, with the freedom to always use any page as an overlay – for a form, a dialog, or even a dropdown or popup element.

The metaphor to express various parts of your application or prototype has never been so simple yet powerful.

Self-directed Layout

Self-directed layouts let you anchor an element to any side of its parent – top, left, right, or bottom.

You can also center an element vertically or horizontally, with proportional, fractional, and percentage-based spacing when needed.

Parent-directed Layout

Parent-directed layouts put the full power of both adaptive and responsive layouts in your hands.

Take control over how your application’s elements are laid out with fractional, proportional and fixed constraints.

Make your application come alive on a phone, desktop, car, watch or even a TV – all from a single design that adapts to its host device.

Hover States

Details matter.

Instantly declare how any element should appear when the mouse is hovered or pressed on that element.

You can also propagate the hover or click event to child elements with a single click.

Best of all, the unified system works across mobile, touch-based and desktop, mouse-based devices.

Media Library

The speed to succeed.

Rapidly add vector illustrations and images from our built-in library with over 10,000 items.

Want to use your own image or photo? Simply drag and drop it onto the page and it’ll automatically be available and hosted on our worldwide CDN.

Define application logic
with a new kind of spreadsheet

The first spreadsheet that lets you define application behavior - control adaptive layouts, states for micro interactions, connect to remote data sources, and hold the intermediate state of your application. From idea to full-featured application, the MintData spreadsheet brings your ideas to life.

Nested Spreadsheets

A revolutionary feature - any cell can now contain a nested spreadsheet.

Work with nested and related data like a pro.

Grab data from any API

Use a spreadsheet function to call an API and get results back as a nested spreadsheet.

Every API that was previously available only to developers is now at your fingertips, with a single GET() or GET_EXT() formula in any cell.

With both JSON and XML formats supported, call any HTTP accessible API on the web.

Spreadsheet Action Cells

The innovation continues - a new spreadsheet feature that lets you run a cell on-demand. Helpful for when you want to trigger a cell run in response to an end-user mouse click or a key press.

Calculated Columns

Easily specify when a column should automatically calculate its value based on other cells in the nested spreadsheet. Useful for things like automatically computing sales tax or any other derived state.
UI + Spreadsheet + Data = Application

Weave UI and data together
with the power of a spreadsheet

Define application logic with a spreadsheet instead of code. Use a spreadsheet to bring in data from remote sources, manipulate it with the spreadsheet functions you already know, and use property and event bindings to link it with your user interface.

Property Bindings

Link any property (like color, font name, size, etc) of any component to any cell in the spreadsheet.
Use formulas in the spreadsheet to define application logic, and your user interface will automatically react to any changes.
Ultimate application freedom meets the flexibility, power, and familiarity of a spreadsheet.


Want to repeat elements on the screen and have them automatically take data from the spreadsheet?
Use the repeater in this case – easily repeat any component any number of times, and have child components take their data from the same region of a spreadsheet.
Design freedom meets spreadsheet power – the freedom to craft the UI and then have just the right parts be data driven based on repeater and property binding links to the spreadsheet.

Event Bindings

Want to react to end-user mouse clicks, moves or key presses?
Event bindings let you link an end-user event to the running of an action spreadsheet cell. This spreadsheet cell kicks off the application logic for what should happen in response to the end-user event like a click or a key press.

A built-in database accessible
with spreadsheet functions

Leverage the power of a full database without any technical background. Use spreadsheet functions to create a database, add tables to it, and insert/update/delete rows with ease.

Collaboration for end-users

Use MintData BASES to seamlessly sync data between your end-users, giving them the power to collaborate on their work in real-time.

Search across very large datasets

The power to search through datasets that have millions (and even billions) of rows is now at your fingertips with MintData BASES.
Cloud Flows

Real-time connectivity to
company data sources

Connect with databases, queues, and 3rd party services like Google BigQuery to read and write data to/from your spreadsheet in real-time.

Read from a real database

Draw a diagram and give it a name. This name is now a custom spreadsheet function you can use to work with company data that lives in any data source, like a database in this case.
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