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MintData is a no-code platform developed by designers and engineers with a passion to democratize the creation of software. Software that’s easy and fun to construct, is beautiful in appearance, and has functionality on par with what software developers create with code today.

Our Team

Our TeamOur Team

Our Customers

Used by Verizon, Goldman Sachs, and Yahoo Japan, MintData drives user interfaces that provide delight and help us make sense of the world around us.

Our Journey

At the intersection of real-time data and user experience, MintData was founded on the principle that powerful tools move us forward - to do more in less time and with less effort.

Grounded in the principles of direct manipulation and intentional software, MintData provides tooling to more rapidly make sense of data while staying close to metaphors that have stood the test of time - an electronic spreadsheet and presentation software like PowerPoint.

In the more general sense, MintData provides a powerful on-ramp to the general notion that software can be created by all if the tooling is intuitive and powerful enough at the same time.

Real-time task distribution & AI engine for Yahoo Japan
Real-time trading platform engine for Goldman Sachs entity
MINTDATA v1 - Real-time stream processor
MINTDATA v2 - visual app creator & workspace
Licensed MINTDATA v2 to Verizon
Consumer IoT platform for Verizon
Started MINTDATA v3: spreadsheet & design surface
MINTDATA v3: connected with serverless cloud of v2
Real-time fraud detection (financial services)
Released MINTDATA v3: a new authoring environment for the creation of software. First customers adopt MINTDATA v3.
Financial services, R&D, AI, and computer gaming sectors take advantage of the MINTDATA platform to accelerate their software journeys.
MINTDATA is available to the public in a self-service fashion. The freedom to express ideas in high fidelity is at your fingertips.

Our Values

We value tenacity, transparency, and authenticity - in our work, our collaboration with customers, and our commitment to building the best possible software tools to move everyone forward.

Our culture rewards taking responsibility, taking measured technical risk, and chartering into unknown territories where software tools companies have not traveled before.

This is coupled with our strong emphasis on delighting customers and always striving to exceed expectations of what’s technically possible.

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