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Photo Finder

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Find and get inspired by beautiful, freely-usable images. Find out more about the photographer by clicking on their name on the photo.

1. General look of the application

The Photo Finder application has just one page. It’s simple and laconic. Typing in a random word will make an appropriate picture appear from Photographers’ icons are clickable and point to their website, instagram or any page they’ve set up.

2. The application logic

The mechanics behind this application are simple – the API from sends you a link to one page with 20 pictures on it. You can change its number in the table if you wish. The GRAB_LISTS formula is used to pull out the URL, author, and tags from the stock base.

The Photo Finder is responsive and can be used on mobile, tablet, or desktop. The published application adjusts to your device nicely.

Photo Finder - screenshot 1
Photo Finder - screenshot 2
Photo Finder - screenshot 3
Photo Finder - screenshot 4
Photo Finder - screenshot 5
Photo Finder - screenshot 6
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