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    Augment frames

    The AUG() function allows you to modify or augment a frame.

    Use the following parameters in the AUG() function:

    1. The address of the cell that contains an existing frame.
    2. A JSONPath expression referring to the column whose values you want to modify in the new frame.
    3. The value to be used in the column.

    The following video and the procedure under the video show how to use the AUG() function:

    1. Create an invoice in the spreadsheet, like the one in the figure below:

    2. In cell B9, enter a formula with the FRAME() function referencing the range:


    Now, let's create a new frame, where all the column qty values are replaced with "n/a":

    =AUG(B9,"$..qty", "n/a")

    The resulting frame is shown in the figure below.

    If a column specified in the AUG() function is not found in the existing frame, the column is added to the new frame along with the specified column value.

    Let's create a frame that contains an additional column discounted_amount:

    =AUG(B10,"$..discounted_amount", @qty*@price*0.95)

    The resulting frame is shown in the figure below.

    Try it now

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