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Use action cells

Action cells are used in the process of defining the behavior of your application. The user actions, such as mouse clicks or keystrokes, are linked (or bound) to the running of action cells. When the user performs an action, action cells run in response.

The following shows an example of a simple behavior.

  1. Add a Button component and a Text component to the canvas.

  2. In the spreadsheet, enter some numbers into a range, and then, under the range, create an action cell with the SUM() function, like so:

    4 =?SUM(A1:A3)
  3. Select the Button component and then, in the Button properties panel, click on the Events button and bind the onClick event to the action cell.

  4. To display in the UI the result of running the action cell, bind the Text component's Text value to the action cell.

Now, when the end-user clicks the Button component on the page, the action-cell runs, and the value is displayed in the Text component.

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