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Bind a property

Bound properties are properties linked to the spreadsheet cells. The values of such properties are determined by the values of the spreadsheet cells.

Learn to bind properties to the spreadsheet cells by watching this video tutorial and/or by following the procedure below.

To bind a property to a spreadsheet cell:

If the Spreadsheet block is not displayed, you can display it by clicking Spreadsheet_button.
  1. Add a component to the page.
  2. With the Properties panel and the spreadsheet displayed, select the component to display its properties.
  3. Hover over the property you want to bind. A blue dot appears.
  4. Hover over the blue dot, and then click that appears next to it.
  5. Click on any cell in the spreadsheet.

Now the property and the cell are interconnected or bound. The value of the cell defines the value of the bound property.

To remove a binding, hover over the blue dot to the left of a bound property, and then click .

Try it now