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The Designer

Building Blocks of MINTDATA™

The MINTDATA™ interface is made up of three main blocks:

  • Surface This is where you create and manage the user interface (UI).
  • Spreadsheet This is where you define the behavior of your application.
  • Flow Editor This is where you define the data flow for your application.

From the main toolbar, you can show/hide the blocks and their panels as well as preview, publish your app, and navigate to Workspace.

Main Toolbar

Figure 1. Main Toolbar.

The main toolbar contains the following buttons:

Go to Workspace
Show/Hide the Outline panel
Preview the application
Publish the application
Show/Hide the Properties panel
Show/Hide the spreadsheet


Figure 2. Surface

Surface contains the following panels:

  • Outline panel - Where you can manage Pages, Outline, and Components.
  • Viewport - Displays the visual part of your application.
  • Properties panel - Where you set options such as Overlay, Position, Layout of Children elements.


Figure 3. Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet Topbar

Spreadsheet Topbar
Figure 4. Spreadsheet Topbar

Spreadsheet Toolbar

Spreadsheet Toolbar
Figure 5. Spreadsheet Toolbar