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Group components

You can combine multiple components into a group so that they are treated as a single unit. Groups of components can also be nested within other groups to form a larger group.

In MINTDATA™, grouping is implemented using parenting: When components are grouped, they become child components grouped within a parent container-type component. The child components have coordinates relative to the parent component. When moved, the child components preserve their relative coordinates.

You can group components either directly on the canvas or from the Outline panel.

To group components directly on the canvas:

  1. On the canvas, use Shift + click to select components to group. A bounding rect is displayed around the selected items.
  2. Right-click on any component within the bounding rect, and then select Group. Alternatively, press Command-G.

A Box component, which is the parent component, is displayed. The selected components are located inside the Box component.

To group components from the outline:

  1. In the Outline panel, under Outline, select components you want to group using Shift + click.
  2. Drag the selected component into a parent container-type component.