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Real-time and accumulating cells

Real-time cells

Real-time cells allow you to display data from various sources in real-time. To work with real-time data, create a flow in the flow editor and then bring the data into a cell by using the =* syntax.

To create a real-time cell, type "=*" followed by a function. For example:

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Accumulating cells

Accumulating cells allow you to accumulate data in a frame.

To create an accumulating cell, type "+=" followed by a function. As an example, let's accumulate some random numbers:

  1. In cell A1, use the following formula to return a random number:

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  2. In an empty cell, use the following formula to accumulate the random numbers into a frame:

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  3. Re-evaluate cell A1 several times by pressing Cmd + Enter.

    As you re-evaluate cell A1, the accumulating cell adds random numbers to the frame.