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Work with SQL databases

The flow editor enables you to connect to external SQL databases and pull data out of them.

Steps to create a SQL-database flow

Create a new flow

To create a new database flow:

  1. In an empty cell, start typing "create" until Create new flow... is displayed.
  2. Click on Create new flow.... The Flow Name dialog appears.
  3. In the Flow Name dialog, change the automatically generated flow name to a more meaningful name to help you identify the flow later.
  4. Click OK to confirm the flow name.

Add and configure the Read Database block

To add and configure the Read Database block:

  1. Click and select Read Database.
  2. Connect the blocks, as shown in the video above.
  3. Give the input parameters a meaningful name.
  4. Delete unused input parameters.
  5. Select the Read Database block and then complete its property fields.

Test the flow

The flow you set up is saved in the spreadsheet as a function, which you can use just like any other built-in function.

To make sure the flow you created works as expected:

  1. In an empty cell, start typing your flow name and then select it when it is displayed.
  2. As an argument to the function, use an appropriate SQL query, such as select * from table_name.

After a while, the function returns a frame with data from the database.