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Fruity Invoices

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Imagine you are a manager of a small fruit company. To create invoices based on orders for fruits and berries, you get to use this beautifully designed application that looks good and works well on any device. Add items from the stock and apply discounts for specific customers.

1. Description

Fruity Invoices is a great example of a MINTDATA no-code application that can be used by small companies to create invoices for their customers based on the purchase orders. With just a few clicks, we can make beautiful invoices that include our customer’s details, attractive images of fruits, quantity, and pricing information.

2. Fluid interface

Because of the responsive and adaptive design of Fruity Invoices, it looks good and works well on mobile, tablet, or desktop devices.

3. Create your own app based on the template

Start creating your own application based on the Fruity Invoices template. Customize the UI and data as needed. Thanks to the MINTDATA Multiplayer feature, you and your colleagues can work on the design at the same time, making the process fast and efficient.

Fruity Invoices - screenshot 1
Fruity Invoices - screenshot 2
Fruity Invoices - screenshot 3
Fruity Invoices - screenshot 4
Fruity Invoices - screenshot 5
Fruity Invoices - screenshot 6
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