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Enter a ZIP code to find a wireless store location on the map.

Store Radar is an easy-to-use no-code application that is based on a ZIP code API. Please take a look at Store Radar components below.

1. Background image

The background of the page is pale cyan. At the top of the page is a box component with the green linear gradient. We’ve placed the land image and some individual tree images to make the application look more appealing.

2. Navigation bar and footer

At the top of the page is a navigation bar with a company title, logo, and four tabs: Stores, Devices, Plans, and About. At the bottom of the page is a charcoal footer in the exact same style as the header. It matches the overall design nicely.

3. Search Area

Next, we have the search area box with two components: the Text Input component, where you enter a zip code, and a huge green Submit button. When we enter a ZIP code and then click the Submit button, the search result is displayed on the map below.

4. Result Area

As a part of the Map Holder, we have the text ‘Looking for devices’. The main element of this application is the map. There is a spinner effect over it, which looks like the loading process. When a location is found, it is displayed on the map.

5. Logic behind the Store Radar

To get location data from the GeoNames geographical database based on a ZIP code, we send a GET request to the API endpoint using the GET function. Next, we grab the location name, latitude and longitude and link the retrieved data with the Map component on the page.

That’s how easy it is to draw the UI and define the logic of the Store Radar application on the MINTDATA platform.

Store Radar - screenshot 1
Store Radar - screenshot 2
Store Radar - screenshot 3
Store Radar - screenshot 4
Store Radar - screenshot 5
Store Radar - screenshot 6
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