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    Adds a new component to the page


    =ADD_COMPONENT(pageName, [parentComponentName], componentType, componentName, [xOffsetInParent], [yOffsetInParent], [width], [height])
    This function is always Lazy


    1. pageName
      • Type: String
      • Description: Name of the page
    2. parentComponentName [optional]
      • Type: String
      • Description: Name of the parent component
    3. componentType
      • Type: String
      • Description: Type of a new component
    4. componentName
      • Type: String
      • Description: Name of a new component
    5. xOffsetInParent [optional]
      • Type: Number
      • Description: X offset in parent
    6. yOffsetInParent [optional]
      • Type: Number
      • Description: Y offset in parent
    7. width [optional]
      • Type: Number
      • Description: Width of a component
    8. height [optional]
      • Type: Number
      • Description: Height of a component


    • Type: Boolean
    • Description: Returns TRUE if a component has been added to the page. Otherwise returns FALSE.

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