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    Sets component range binding


    =SET_RANGE_BINDING(pageName, componentName, propName, sheetName, cellLocation, [pathInFrame], [direction], [itemsCount], [fixedDirection], [useFormat])
    This function is always Lazy


    1. pageName
      • Type: String
      • Description: Name of the page
    2. componentName
      • Type: String
      • Description: Name of the component
    3. propName
      • Type: Any
      • Description: Name of the property. (e.g. repeater.values).
    4. sheetName
      • Type: String
      • Description: Name of the sheet
    5. cellLocation
      • Type: Frame
      • Description: Cell location to start range binding from
    6. pathInFrame [optional]
      • Type: String
      • Description: Path (jsonpath) in frame to start range binding from (e.g. column1[0].column2[0])
    7. direction [optional]
      • Type: String
      • Description: Binding direction (Available options: down (default), right)
    8. itemsCount [optional]
      • Type: Number
      • Description: Number of rows/columns to bind. Auto mode if omitted
    9. fixedDirection [optional]
      • Type: String
      • Description: Binding fixed direction (Available options: fixed, down, right. Not fixed by default.)
    10. useFormat [optional]
      • Type: Boolean
      • Description: Whether use formatting or not, boolean (Available options: true, false)


    • Type: Boolean
    • Description: Returns TRUE if binding has been set. Otherwise returns FALSE.

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