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    Adds all of its arguments that meet multiple criteria. For example, you would use SUMIFS to sum the number of retailers in the country who (1) reside in a single zip code and (2) whose profits exceed a specific dollar value


    =SUMIFS(sum_range, criterias, criterias, ...)


    1. sum_range
      • Type: Range
      • Description: Set of cells to sum.
    2. criterias [repeatable]
      • Type: Any
      • Description: Ranges and criterias to apply. All ranges must be of the same size. Criteria aren't case sensitive. In other words, the string "apples" and the string "APPLES" will match the same cells. Wildcard characters —the question mark (?) and asterisk (*)—can be used in criteria. A question mark matches any single character. An asterisk matches any sequence of characters. If you want to find an actual question mark or asterisk, type a tilde (~) in front of the character.


    • Type: Any
    • Description: Sum of the values in a range that meet criterias specified


    =SUMIFS(A1:A12,B1:B12,">10", C1:C12,"Tom")

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