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    Has two forms: array form and reference form. In array form returns the value of an element in a table or an array, selected by the row and column number indexes. Use the array form if the first argument to INDEX is an array constant. In reference form returns the reference of the cell at the intersection of a particular row and column. If the reference is made up of nonadjacent selections, you can pick the selection to look in


    =INDEX(range, rowNumber, [columnNumber], [areaNum])


    1. range
      • Type: Any
      • Description: Range of values to get
    2. rowNumber
      • Type: Any
      • Description: Row number
    3. columnNumber [optional]
      • Type: Integer
      • Description: Column number
    4. areaNum [optional]
      • Type: Integer
      • Description: A range in reference from which to return the intersection of Row_num and Column_num


    • Type: Any
    • Description: Value or set of values in the specified range or array